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Now the time of Cultural tour to the desert land of Rajasthan, n  some info about folk music n dances of Rajasthan.

The common people of Rajasthan work hard all day in the desert eat and in evenings sing n dance to the folk music played by the local musicians. The folk music of Rajasthan, are kept alive by local entertainers such as the Dholis, Langas, Mirasis, Manganniyars. Folk music of Rajasthan have been passing on the tradition of music from one generation to the other and that is how these folk tradition have been kept alive over the years.

Some folk songs dedicated to religious customs, fairs, festivals and deities. Some of these popular folk songs sung by saints like Meera Bai, Kabirdas, Surdas.

The most popular Rajasthani folk music is Maand music that is played by local musicians. The musician plays traditional instruments like - Sarangi, Dholak etc... and the folk singers sing the glory and praise of the Rajput Rulars.

Maand Singers

A Manganiyar with his kamaycha[music instrument]

A kid performing folk dance at fort in Jaiselmer

A very highly cherished traditional folk song reserved to welcome very honored guests in Rajasthan.

Kesariya Balam is an Indian folk song from Rajasthan. It is one of the most popular song that sung in Maand Singing style.
Kesariya Balam , Rajasthan's  welcomed song, that famous across the country nowadays - The lyrics of that song is>> "Kesariya Baalam, Padharo Mahre Desh"
In this line the lyricist want to say - He/she welcomed you to his/her state... Rajasthan.

 Allah Jilai Bai from the city Bikaner. Maangi Bai Arya from Udaipur n Gavari Bai from Jodhpur are the name of famous Maand Singers.

These all singers are rewarded by the National awards for their contribution in this field.

Some Street Musician in Jodhpur n Jaiselmer>>>

Dance Art in Rajasthan :

Kathaputli dance : 

Kathaputli dance is very attractive and unique dance of Rajasthan. Kathaputli means Puppets..
you can say wooden doll also. The Rajasthani folk music play harmonium, Dholak and Sarangi
during Kathaputli dance, This show is incomplete without song.The word Katha means story and Putli means wooden doll...that's why it is Kathaputli dance. The puppeteer manipulates the string attached to the head, waist, and hands of the puppets. The lower body of the puppets is covered by colourful skirts. Traditional puppeteers are belong from the Bhat community of Rajasthan who have been performing for thousand of years. They go from village to village to presenting this wonderful act. The famous characters and stories like Prithviraj Chauchan - a fighter or a hero, Vikramaditya, Maharana Pratap...n many more... Puppetry is an old and popular folk entertainment. So whenever you get the chance to visit Rajasthan, must watch this amazing Puppetry show.

Fire Dance :
Fire dance is very famous dance in Rajasthan, it is the lifestyle of jasnathis of Bikaner n Churu District in Rajasthan. These dancers perform on a large carpet of flaming coals. The dancer's steps moving to the beat of drums. Fire dancers dress traditional Rajasthani coulouful dresses during the dance.

The another famous dance of Rajasthan is Kalbelia dance.
Kalbelia dance is of the Kalbelia tribe of Rajasthan, the snake charmers and Banjaras. Dancers dress traditional black swirling skirts during kalbelia dance. This type of dance performed in during any fair or big festival. During the Kalbelia dance, you can see the flexibility of the dancers body.The fire dance and kalbelia dance are mostly performed by the proffesional dancer only, but the most most most popular- Ghoomar dance can performed by any Rajasthani Lady.

Ghoomar dance is very simple n beautiful dance of Rajasthan. Even if you have to go for dance with dancers, surly, you will also enjoy with them. In this dance, the ladies move gently in circles. The word Ghoomar itself means move round and make circles.This type of dance mostly performed in Marriages n any culttural festival. 

A painting of Ghoomar Dance

Other well - known folk dance of Rajasthan are Matka-Bhawai Dance, Ghair Dance, Raika Dance and Jhoria Dance.
So come and explore the Folk dance and folk music of Rajasthan.

Some delicious tastes of Royal Rajasthan....

Clusters of shocking pink, wrapped around spindly ice cream sticks. It takes only a few coins to make this delicacy your own. Satisfaction cannot come cheaper than this, and you also won't mind the vile pinkish strain it leaves on your tongue. hey..... I am talking about cotton candy, which you will find in any village of Rajasthan, or in any fair too..... a mouth watering...yummmmmmmyyyy cotton candy...

The arid desert of Rajasthan, with its scarcity of water and green vegetables, is responsible of two interesting in its cuisine: wide spread and creative use of dried vegetables n lentils, and use of buttermilk instead of water.

The most popular sabzi of Rajasthan is Gatte ki Sabzi : Gram flour's dumplings cooked in gravy of buttermilk. Really it is very tasty, little is very spicy... mainly in Rajasthani people eat spicy food. Another yummmmmmmyyyy vegetables of Rajasthan are - Kair Saangri ki sabzi, This Kair n Saangri are found in only desert area. Sirabadi is made from n plain flour, salt n cumin seeds... first mix this mixture with buttermilk, then cooked it, after cooling it, dry them n cut into the small square pieces. And after then, from these piece, you can made sabzi.... same as Gatte ki sabzi, but taste are different.

Though liked irrevocably with the monsoon festival of Teej, Ghevar : A round maida cake, sweetened with sugar syrup is available round the year. Jaipur's Ghevar are well known in all over world. Nowadays Ghevar are available in many varieties like- Paneer Ghevar, Khoya Ghevar, Malai Ghevar. Buy from the famous LMB, at Johri Bazaar in Jaipur.
.. But I liked plain Ghevar.... try also Rawat's [ a shop in Jaipur ] Pyaaz Kachori.

Dal-Baati-Choorma, is another famous n typical dish of Rajasthan, made with flour, lentils, ghee, spices and sugar powdered. A Baati is a round ball made from flour, with generous dollops of ghee. It is usually eaten with a spicy Dal. the meal is rounded off with Choorma,  the crushed Baati called Choorma.. Choorma usually eaten with powdered sugar and spicy Dal. Try Dal-Baati-Choorma at Chowki Dhani in Jaipur, or any City of Rajasthan.

And is true...even you can take a test of this, The Baati cooked on Chullah- traditional gas system are more tastier than it cooked on normal gas system.

Pushkar is known the world over for its colourful cattle fair, but its delicious, melt-in-your-mouth Malpuas are still a well kept secret. Hundreds of sweet shops spring up every year during the fair, where you can try these pancakes made of refined flour, after fry it in desi ghee, they dipped these pancakes into sugar syrup.

delicious Malpuas
No Indian is a stranger to the Bhujjias and Papads of Bikaner. Thanks a million to the Haldiram's, these Bhujjias are now available in all over world, and popular also.

While, if you are in Bikaner, must try these Bhujjias, made from Moth Dal, Gram Flour n all types of spices. Also buy Rajasthani sabzi- Badis, made from lentils, its a dried vegetable. Try the papad also, It is like a snack, that eaten after meal.

Bikaneri Bhujjia

Now the time of some crispy snacks....... Mawa n Pyaaz Kachoris of Jodhpur... These kachoris of Jodhpur are sinfully rich and eaten with a steaming cup of tea. The sweet Mawa Kachoris is first stuffed with dry fruits and Mawa- dried milk, then deep-fried and finally dipped in sugar syrup.

The salty Pyaaz Kachoris is stuffed with spicy mixture of Pyaaz- Onions and then deep fried.

Mawa Kachori

Pyaaz Kachori

Can you imagine, in snacks time you have to eat Green Chilly??? No na..... but if you are in Jaiselmer, There is most popular snack Mirchi- Green Chilly's Vada....yes it is... n I'm sure, after trying definitely like this snack...

Must try these Green chilly's snacks.... :)

My favorites are...Mirchi vada, Ghevar in sweets....and thats spicy Bhujjia of Bikaner.... I can eat these items anytime.... :)

Now the time of some shopping......

In Jaipur you will find some the most exquisite Kundan pieces made of highly refined gold. Kundan jewels have stone on one side n intricate meenakari work on the other side.
I challenged you, you wan't be able to keep your eyes off from the pieces descending from the mughal period.

Walk from the Kishanpol Bazaar in Jaipur for an excellent array of embroidery work, emblished by threads, beads, mirrors. The Bandhini-[tie n dye] and Lehariya sari are truly a shopper's delight. You can buy them in any colours, but try some bright colours....coz they looks awesome...

Mirrorwork and Embroidery are two of the most exquisite crafts that Jaiselmer is famous for. Whether it is in Sari, Fabrics, Wall Hangings, Rugs, Linens etc... The mirrorwork and Embroidery are delight to touch and hold. You will find this work in Sardaar Bazaar, pansari Bazaar, and inside and outside the main Fort.

If you have the money to splurge go for antique shopping, than the Jodhpur is the only place for you. From Pottery, Marble furniture, Paintings, Silver Jewellery, Textiles, Carved Lintels, Cabinets, Windows, Puppets... It's all available at Maharani Art Emporium, have everything under one roof.
If you don't want to buy anything,or not in the mood of shopping, than I will suggest you one thing to do. just visit Gems n Art Plaza, where the Hollywood's stars Angelina Jolie, Poter O'toole, Britney Spears, Richard Gere have shopped.   

Have you ever heard about Kota Doria's Saris?? Kota is famous for its airy delicate Doria Sari. These are fine fabric woven with checks, locally known as Khat, which let themselves to surface ornamentation techniques likes Batik tie n dye, Printing, hand Block, Embroidery n Applique work. This light fabric is perfect for the hot summer of Rajasthani climate. Kethun is the name of a village, nearby Kota, is famous for Kota Doria Saris.

Possibly the oldest form of entertainment is Puppetry, these puppets are essentially marionettes with a single string that pass from the head to the puppeteer. Puppets are made of specially using traditional Rajasthani textiles. You can buy these Puppets from Pushkar n Jaiselmer.

If you are in rush with souvenir's shopping, than go to the Udaipur.
Here you will get all things like- Block printing fabrics, Saris, Bed covers, Table mats, Embroided bags, Torans, Wooden toys, Pichwari silk paintings etc..... at Chetak Udaipur.

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