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Hmmm..... After Udaipur, our next destination is Ranakpur. As all you know, Ranakpur is famous for Jain temples.

Ranakpur Temples are acclaimed world-wide for their super interior style. These temples from one of the five major pilgrims of the Jains. This town is just about 55 km from Udaipur. You can hire a local bus from Udaipur, to visit here. Built in 15th century, by Seth Dharna Shah with the aid of Rana Kumbha . Ranakpur temple known for being the largest temple, it is dedicated to Lord Aadinath.

This temple are is covering 40,000 square feet

Now see here the Intricate architecture.......

In the complex, there are many small temples like Chaumukha Temple, Parsvanath Temple, Amba Mata n Sun Temple... amongst all of them, Chaumukha Temple is the main, because Chaumukha mean four mouth, n this temple have Four gates. This chaumukha Temple is dedicated to Lord Aadinath, who is the first Tirthankar of Jain.

The construction of this Jain temple which had begun in 1446 Vikram Savant, around 600 yrs ago, and take more than 50 yrs to complete.
 This three storeyed marble edifice on a lofty plinth, is enveloped in the solitude of the surrounding forest n hills.

In the main chamber, there are four huge white marble images of the Jain Trithankar Aadinath. 

Image is about 72inch tall
 This four faced image symbolizes the Trithankar's quest for ultimately the cosmos n four different directions.

Like this image in four different direction, there are also four shrine situated in four direction, n surrounded by many small shrines n domes, may be it will 76, if we can count them. One more range of cells with separate roof encircles these shrines n domes all over again.

Jain Trithankars

 Temple is astounding creation of 29 halls with 1,444 pillars all distinctly carved.

 The Temple is a masterpiece of an architecture. It has 1,444 pillared halls, with almost 80 domes supported by 400 columns. after seeing all this, you will be surely like me, would be astonished to see at the height of 45 feet engraved nymphs playing the flute in assorted dance posture.  

Each pillars n each column has its own design, not two columns or pillars have similar design. hmmmm....n amazing n interesting fact na guyzzz.... ???

Now let see some very beautiful architecture......

entrance gate

Some more.....

Another stunning act about these column is that they change their colour from golden to pale blue after every hour during the day. In the hall, there is two huge bells, 180kg each, produce the harmonious sound on movement.

So Dear Friends, If u r on Udaipur trip, please do not miss this amazing place.... :)


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