Chittaurgarh is a town located near Udaipur.

The "PRIDE OF RAJASTHAN"  Chittaurgarh Fort was once declared unconquerable because of its location above a 180m high hill, spreading over an area of 700 acres.

This is a Rana Kumbha Mahal.

When i entered into the fort, I saw information board about Kumbha Mahal. See here:

It was really an amazing to see a fort at this height...!! Bas dekhte hi jao.....:)

The impressive ruins that remains are  made special with the even more interesting tales attached to them.

 History of Famous - Maharani Padmini of Chittor, wife of Rana Ratan Singh.

It is believed, that in 1303, Allauddin khilji, Sultan of Delhi, curious by tales of matchless beauty of Maharani Padmini, decide to verify himself.
 After this incident, his armies surrounded Chittor, and the Sultan sent the message to her husband - Rana Ratan Singh, to say that he would spare the city Chittor if he could meet his famous queen. The compromise finally reached that Sultan could look Padmani's reflection in water pond. Accordingly, the Sultan went up the hill without army, and glimpsed a reflection of beautiful Padmini standing near lotus pool. He thanks his host who courteously escorted Sultan down to the outer gate where the Sultan's man waited in trap to take the Rana's hostage.

After all this happened, there was a consternation in Chittor, than Padmini devised a plan.

A messenger informed the Sultan that Rani would come to him. Dozens of curtained palanquin set off down the hill, each carried by six humble bearers. once inside the Sultan's camp, four well armed Rajput's warriors jumped out of each palanquins and each palanquin bearer also drew a sword. In the well planned battle, Rana Ratan Sing won, but after lost of its 7,000 best Rajput warriors.

The Sultan now attacked Chittor with renewed power. Than the Rani and her entire staff of women sent their children into hiding with loyal servants. They then dressed their wedding dress, slid their farewell and singing ancient hymns, boldly entered the Mahal, and performed a huge Jauhar....>> agni  Kund, well of Fire...

Jauhar refer to ancient Indian tradition of honorary self immolation of women to end their life with respect. It was followed by the Rajputs clains in order to avoid capture and dishonour at the hands of their enemies. Such a painful method burning was preferred over other painless method like poisoning because Muslim invader burried dead the bodies of women instead of cremating them.

Second Jauhar of Chittor - 

Rana Sanga died in 1528 AD after battle of Khauna. Mewar and Chittor came under regency of his widow, Rani Karnawati. Without relief from the Bahadus Shah of Gujarat, the Rani committed Jauhar with other women on March 8, 1535 AD.
The Third jauhar of Chittor

Emperor Akbar attacked on the Fort of Chittor in sep- 1567. Rana Udai Singh II, his son n with his wife, using secret routes, escaped soon after the battle began.

The fort was left under Jaimal rathore and patta Sisodiya's command. One morning Akbar killed Jaimal Rathode, after this happened, all Rajupt women committed Jauhar in the night of feb- 22 1568 AD.

This was a great sacrifice of Chittor, by Rajputs...

Rani Padmini

 If you will have plan to see Chittor, must see Rani Padmini's Mahal, Kumbha Mahal n Vijay Stambh.

Do you know about another great Rajput or a real Hero of Chittor. Hmmmmmm..... He is Maharana Pratap. 

Maharana Pratap was born on May 9 1540, in Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan. His Father name was Maharana Udai Singh II , n Mother's name Rani Jeevant Kanwar.

Now read the story of Great Rajput Maharana Pratap carefully >>

In 1568, During the region of Udai Singh II, Chittor was conquered by Mughal Empror Akbar. After third jauhar transpired with the ladies of fort for saftey from personal dishonour, while the remaning warriors sallied forth to certain death in battlefield.

Prior to this calamity, Udai Singh and his family had wisely moved to the safty of the nearby hills.

This new base gradually became the city of Udaipur, named after him.Than his eldest son - Pratap became the Rajput's King.

Maharana Pratap naver accepted Akbar as the ruler of India, and fought Akbar all his life. Akbar first tried finsse to win over Maharana Pratap but nothing worked. Maharana Pratap maintained that he had no aim to fight with Akbar but he could not submit to Akbar and accept him s ruler.

He can do friendship with Akbar, but in the time of when Chittor was in siege, Akbar killed 30,000 civilian, unarmed residents of Chittor, because they refuse to convert to Islam, all this left the lasting impression on Maharana Pratap's mind and then he decided that he could not bow to such an injustice and cruelty. The warrior code in Hindu system was to refrain from attacking a non-combatant person.

In the life of Maharana Pratap.... there are some true frineds on King.

Chetak :  The white Horse of Marwari breed, had a short neck, a tail with bushy hair, Big eyes with sharp sight, attractive appearance and blessed with flying legs. Chetak is described as acute intelligence, courage coupled wtih unflinching faithfulness to his master.

Raja Poonja, a Bheel who helped King in the Battle of haldighati, in the Tilak cero=emony was performed by the blood flowing from the thumb of Mandleek - a Bheel Sardar.

Seth Bhama Shah

Bhama Shah made a mark in the history of Mewar. He is a matchless example of honesty, faith n duty. Maharana Pratap was able to maintain his army of 25,000 soldiers for 12 yrs only because Bhama Shah gifted his all property with a collection of 25lakh rupees in that time and 20,000 gold coins also.

In the time of battle, Maharana Pratap live with his family in Jungle, they eat chapati made from grass. One day his son eating Chapati made from grass, suddenly a junglee dog come there and took that Chapati from Maharana's son's hand. After seeing this incident, Maharana become sad. When this incident reached to Akbar's darbar, There is one poet - Prithviraj Rathore, who was Maharana's cousin also. He sent a letter to Maharana Pratap in poetic language like this :

Patal sun Patshah, bole mukh hunta bayan
Mihir picham dis mahn, uge kasap rao ut
Patakun munchyan pan, ke patakun nij tan karad
Dije likh Deewan,in do mahali bat ik

Mean: O rao- King, has the sun started rising in the west as well? Should i keep my hand on my mustache or should my body fall with my own hands??

Maharana Pratap replies:

Turak kahasi turakado, in mukh sun Ikling
Uge jya hi ugasi, prachi bich Patang
Khushi hunt Peethal Kamadh, patako munchyan pan
Jete hai pachatan Pato, kilama sir kewan

"Lord Eklingji always make my mouth call him "Turk". The sun will rise in the east always. O Prithviraj rathore be happy and put your hand on your mustache.

Than Maharana Prata stands on his feet....and take again a aim to defeat Akbar.

On June 21, 1576 the two armies met at Haldighati. The battle of Haldighati, it was the historic event in Rajput's history. In this battle, Chetak was bleeding heavily and he collapsed after jumping over a river few kilometers away from the battle field. and that same time, Shakti sing the brother of Maharana Pratap, who having fought his as enemy, but killing two mughal riders. saddened by the loss of his faithful beloved Horse Chetak, the King embraced his brother and broke into tears. Maharana Pratap pardoned him, then Shaktisingh offered him his own Horse and requested him to get to a safe place.

Maharana Pratap died of injuries sustained in a hunting accident, on Jan 29,1597 aged 56. Pratap made his son Amar Singh, swear to maintain eternal conflict against to Mughals. he also did not sleep on a bed because of a promise he took that until Chittor was freed he will sleep on the floor and live in a hut despite that he had conquered almost his entire kingdom back from akbar.

Maharana Pratap is a gr8 hero in the eyes of Indians, much respected n loved by his people. In his life, he alone stood firmly for his honor and dignity. He never compromised his honor for safty. He died a Proud and Free man. Because of this I salute Him.

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