Gandhi's Land - Gujarat


After leaving Banswara and Udaipur, now ma destination is Gandhi's land Gujarat.

Mahatma Gandhi's Gujarat is the land of extraordinary zeal and exciting celebrations. Be it work or festivities, Gujaratis have always shown great vigor and elegance. Gujarat's exotic wildlife, imposing mountain ranges, religious abodes and vivacious cultural centers in Gujarat, enthral one and all.

   The rich culture on Kutch takes you through an amazing journey of infinite colours and creativity. The wildlife and Bird sanctuaries at Gir, Adipur and Nalasarovar, and the marine sanctuary of Piortan - Island in Arabian sea in Gujarat, thrill you with nature's majestic creations.

The lovely hills of Saputara , the picturesque seaside of Ahmedpur, and Dang forests are the other examples of nature's blessing on Gujarat. The sacred place  of Ambaji, Somnath and Dwarka take you on a uniqoue spiritual experiences. The heritage sites of Dholvira and Lothai are testimonials of an ancient civilistation that once prospered. A holiday in Gujarat is also defined by the tradition of hospitality that's ingrained in our culture, and Gujarat also offers you a platter of mouthwatering delicacies apart from many other facilities to make your stay pleasant. More than a dozen heritage hotels give you a glimpse of the abode of Kings. The museums of Gujarat provide an insight into our rich culture heritage.

So lets go to Gujarat, n njoy n see new culture n meet to new people.


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