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Ramdevra is one of the most famous pilgrims in Rajasthan. Every years lakh of devotees from around the country visit here to pay their respect to Baba Ramdev. But in the month of August, famous 'Baba Mela' is organized in Ramdevra. The fair begins on 'Bhadra Shukla Beej', an auspicious date according to the Hindu calender. Maximum people visit Ramdevra just before and during this fair.

Ramdevra is small village, just a 120 kms away from Jaiselmer. The village named after Baba Ramdev Ji, a king and avtar of Lord Krishna, who took Samadhi in [ in hindi date- 11 वि.सं. 1442].

Story- King Ajmal Tanwar of Pokhran, and his wife Queen Mainade, was daughter of
the king of Jaiselmer.They are not happy because, they have not any son. King have Faith in Lord Krishna too much, they were already being to Dwaradeesh for 12 times to pray for his Kindom's happiness. One day, in early morning, on being good rain, they decided to have darshan of Lord Krishna in Dwarika. In same time,some farmers going for farming, but on seeing the King they all turn back to their home. 

The King was surprised at their act, and asked them, what was the problem? Farmers told the King that they believed, in early morning, seeing a childless King's face may cause their crops to fail. That's why they all wanted to return back to their homes. The King was very kind
man, so he forgives the farmers, and does not punished them, But after hearing this, the King was very upset, and decided to go and asked about his problem to Lord Krishna.

When the King reached Dwarika, he starts pray in the front of Lord Krishna's Idol, but not getting any response from the Idol, the King got angry n picked a dried laddoo [ sweet] and throw on the head of the Idol. After seeing all this, The Pujari of Temple, understand that the King is mad. Then he told to King - Lord Krishna is not live in this Idol, He live in that sea. King thinks, that Pujari is true, So the fearless King dived in arabian sea. Please at the King's Faith n Dedication, The Lord Krishna granted a Darshan to King. After seeing Lord Krishna in front of King, the King was very happy, but also surprised and asked - "How do you get wound on your forehead?" The Shree Krishna smiled and told " Its my devotee's offering" . The King regret after hearing this, and crying and apologize on Shree Krishna's feet.

After hearing from the lord, King got emotional and praying for the child. Than Lord Krishna gave him a wish, and promised to take a birth in King's place as his child. The King asked - "how would I know that u come?" 

Lord Krishna told him that when I'll take a birth in your place, there will be sign of my foot print of Kumkum powder. and at your home, the whole water in the pots become milk magically.

The King come home happily and after 1 month on Bhadva soodi beej [dooj, date mostly come in mid august] Maharani mainade give a birth to a child. Child is sleeping in palna, and after some time, there were two childs, and the other child is the avtaar Lord Krishna. 

The all water pots in the palace are convert into Milk pots, and there is sign of Kumkum's  foot prints coming from the gate to the Palna, where the child is sleeping. The King and Queen are now very happy, they are thankfull to Lord Krishna. Viramdev was the elder, and Baba Ramdev, Avtaar of Lord Krishna was the younger. 

All devotees called him by many names like- Saanwariya Seth, Baba Ramdev, Ramsa Peer......

Baba Ramdev was said to have had miraculous powers, and his fame reached far and wide. Once upon a time the five Peers (saints) from Mecca came to test Ramdevji's powers. After being convinced of his abilities, they paid their homage to him. Since then he is venerated by Muslims Ram Shah Peer or also as Ramsa Peer.

Baba Ramdevji believed in the equality of all human beings,be they high or low, rich or poor. Baba Ramdev is often depicted on horseback.

Photo of Lord Baba RamDev-- Lord Krishna.....

A view of the Temple from outside.....In morning time, around 5am people waiting in a line for opening the Gate....

The Tomb was built in the memory of Shri Ramdeoji by descendants but the present Tomb was built by Maharaja Shri Ganga Singhji of Bikaner at Shri Ramdevra Runecha. The king was aware of the powers of Baba Ramdevji whom he regarded like a deity. The tomb of Shri Ramdevji is worshipped here. This tomb or cenotaph is at the center of the temple campus. 

In the Temple, the main darshan point is Samadhi [tomb] Of lord Baba Ramdev. Devotees offer Sweets, Toffees, Coconuts, Makhanas, Mishris, flags and horse made from cloths on the Tomb...  Followers come from great distances on foot, while some creep on belly to reach the temple.

Before taking samadhi, Baba Ramdev Ji's  last words to his followers are -

"My dear devotees, on sudi 2 of each month celebrates festival, and spend the all night chanting, praying and performing. This will called Jamma Jagran, and every devotee attending the prayer feels my presence. Every year celebrate a Mela on Bhadon Sudi 10th and 11th. The prasad offered on the 10th will be mine and the prasad offered on the 11th will be for Bhairavsinh. Do not uncover my samadhi under any circumstances. Those who will pray to me with pure hearts their wishes will be fulfilled by me. Wherever there is Jyoti of ghee, Googal incense and a white flag, that will be considered as my pooja ”.

Dalibai took samadhi on Tuesday, Bhadon Sudi 9 Vikram Savant 1515 (1459 A.D)

Just 20 feet away from Dalibai samadhi, Bhagvan Ramdevji Maharaj himself took samadhi on Thursday, Bhadon Sudi 11th (1459 A.D).

After Darshan of Samadhi, Devotees go to darshan for Dali Bai Temple, In the right side of Samadhi Temple.

You can see a Bangle shape ring in this pic.....

This Bangle [knagan in hindi] called Dali Bai- sister of Lord Baba Ramdev Ji, it is dali Bai ka Kangan. Devotees have Faith, that who can be passed inside from this Bangle, his/her all diseases gone away. 

After Darshan of Dali Bai, devotees visit to see Baba Ka Palna, and A drum.

This Drum is 600 years old....

And There is a Samadhi of Harji Bhaati, inside temple campus. Harji Bhati is the great follower of  of Baba Ramdev.

Harji Bhati was the Rajput born in the year V.S 1757 [1701 A.D] in a small place known as Pandit's Dhani that is near by village Osia in the way of Jodhupr to Ramdevra. 

Harji was only fourteen, when his father passed away. All day and night he chant the name of Baba Ramdev. For his faith in Baba Ramdev, one day the Baba Ramdev granted him Darshan. At the age of eighty, the Harji Bhati took Samadhi, He went village to village on his foot in Rajasthan. His aim was bring back awareness among people of their ideas of Baba Ramdev related to Maha Dharma.

The other darshan points are.....

Ram Sarovar - Devotees come here n take bath, and than go to Darshan for Baba Ramdev Ji Maharaj. This Sarovar made by Baba Ramdev. 

The next darshan point is :

Parcha [magic] Bawri [step well]

Parcha Bawri made by Baba Ramdev Ji Maharaj. The specialty of Parcha Bawari is that, the water inside this well is mixture of water from 3 rivers>> Maa Gangas,Saraswati and Yamuna. And its water never be spoil....Its cure all problems, diseases. Devotees come here for Darshan and take water from here. 

 Hare Krsna
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