Pokhran and Jaiselmer

Hare Krsna

Once a sleepy desert city, Jaiselmer has transformed itself into a major tourist destination of India. Jaiselmer is also known as golden city, located in western part of India in Rajasthan.the city is known for its proximity to the Thar Desert, and if u ride desert Safari in Jaiselmer, th'n this moment is life's most memorable moment. 

There are many Forts in India, but Jaiselmer Fort is a living Fort. There are beautiful famous Havelis - like- Nathmal ki Haveli, Patvon ki Haveli.... Haveli means Homes, there are also shops, stalls, hotels inside fort area. This small city can be easily covered by foot. 

What to see - Gadi Sagar Lake, Jaiselmer Fort that also know as sonar kila, coz of its yellow colour it looks like the wall of fort made from gold, Jain Temples.

Gadi Sagar Lake - This Lake is the most beautiful natural attraction of Jaiselmer city. Lake was constructed by King Rawal Jaisal, the first ruler of Jaiselmer. You can ride a boat also. The water of this lake is so clear. 

Artistically carved Chattris, Temples, Shrines and Ghats surround the banks of Gadi Sagar Lake Jaiselmer.
Lake is through a magnificent and artistically carved yellow sandstone archway that is known as the Tilon-Ki-Pol.

Here you can see rare migratory birds that stop for rest and drink water... Enjoy a boat ride here, or sit on any ghats and see the awesome scene of sunrise... The view of Jaiselmer fort from the lake is very nice.

 View of Jaiselmer fort from the lake...

The serene Gadi Sagar Lake springs to life during the celebration of Gangaur festival.

Jaiselmer fort - This fort is one of the largest fort in world. It was built by Bhati rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal in 1156 AD. The fort stands proudly on Trikuta hill in Thar desert, n has been scene of many battles. The fort made of sand stone and
also known as Sonar kila. The Jaiselmer fort is a living fort and is a dominating structure amidst sand.

 view of fort from the city... at day time..it's massive yellow sandstone walls are in lion colour during the day, fading to the honey gold at the sun sets. For this reason, fort also known as Golden fort.

 See here the beautiful scene of fort at night..... :)

 The fort contain 3 layer of wall, the outer wall is made of solid stone blocks n it reinforces the loose rubble of Trikuta hills. The second wall snakes around the fort. The third wall, the rajput warriors once hurled boiling oil n water as well as massive blocks on their enemy.

The fort include 99 bastions, of which 92 were built between 1633-1647.

 The only 1 living fort in India.... inside the fort....

In fort you can see some beautiful Havelis, three nice sculptured Jain Temples of the 12-15 century, and five royal palace.. Raj Mahal one of them, that convert in to museum nowadays. 

Front view of Raj Mahal.......

Raj Mahal was the palace of the rulers of Jaiselmer. it has 7 floors, famous for its lattice work. It was built in 1500 AD.

A mirror inside the museum.....

A water jug for the guests who stayed at that time in palace..... :)

A old tele phone of that time....

The palace is ideally located in the midst of vast expense of greenish lawns and eye catching gardens.

In Jaiselmer you can see the long stretches sand dunes as far as you can see. Many travel agents arrange camel safari n jeep safari for you... They provide you all things that you need, like mattress, tent, mineral water food... The Camel safari can b 1 day to 1 month long. If u r adventurous person, th'n listen to me, go to Jaiselmer and enjoy Camel safari in Thar desert once.. it's very nice experience. 

Hare Krsna

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