Kurukshetra, a district in Haryana, is known as Dharmakshetra. This place is a crucial center in Indian mythology because the Kurukshetra battle was fought here. The holy verses of Bhagvad Geeta were spoken here by Lord Krishna to ease Arjun's doubts and give him peace of mind. 

The holy spot where the discourse of Bhagvad Geeta was recited to Arjuna by Lord Krishna.

This is Jyotisar Temple, the entrance of temple.... :)

From here we can see Light and Sound show of GeetaUpdesh...

JYOTISAR is a holy place, LORD KRISHNA distributed  his 18 days GeetaUpdesh there, [ Land of Mahabharat ] .
A special Light and Sound show is telecast there on every evening at 7pm. A natural ,memorable place close to heart. Just visit once. 

Here u can hear a audio of GeetaUpdesh..


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