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Hello 2 everybody, after Jaipur, ma next destination is Shekhawati region. It encompasses the administrative districts of Churu, Jhunjhunun and Sikar. Inhabitants of Shekhawati are brave, sacrificing and hard working people. The region provides highest number of persons to the Indian Army.

In the heart of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan lies the beautiful small town Mandawa, known throughout the state for its forts and havelis. Mandawa is situated 190 km off Jaipur in the north. The best season to visit this place is winter i.e. October to March.

 A scene of Elephant ride painted on wall....... :)

Mandawa is world famous for its heritage Havelis and colourful fresco art. Thousands of tourist came here to see the open art gallery of Rajasthan & lovely Havelis
  See the Painted walls inside the Haveli.....

 Now see the beautiful Painted outside wall......

Most importantly, the fact that no two rooms are alike in the palace here...

See the beautyful interior inside the room..... :)

You car reach here by roads, rail.... Mandawa roads are good in condition n well connected from other cities. Junjhunun is the nearest railhead, about 10 km from Mandawa. So don't miss this beautiful place. I enjoyed this place lot.... :):)


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