Udaipur.... My most fav destination in all over world....


Udaipur is also known as Kashmir of Rajasthan..... Its an awesome place to live, enjoy, traveling....n all.... :)

Getting there - By air- Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines n Indian Airlines all fly daily to Udaipur from Delhi and Mumbai. By Train- Mewar Express departs delhi from Nizammudin at 7pm and arrives at Udaipur 7am.

First of all see the two excellent stay options in Udaipur....

Shiv Niwas Palace - The glacial white Shiv Niwas palace looks especially spectacular in the harsh light of the summer sun.

Shiv Niwas Palace- front view

Hotel Shiv Niwas palace

Inside is a veritable treasure trove of antique furniture, spectacular chandeliers, Portraits of the Royal family n an amazing collections of original paintings n miniatures.

Dinning Hall
Most rooms of this Hotel offer views of the Lake Pichola or the surrounding Mountains. The interiors of the each room is really superb... :)


The second option - 

Lake Palace -This stunningly beautiful palace seems straight out of a fairytale n promises a once -in-a lifetime experience. Built on a small island in the middle of the Lake Pichola, this 18th century Palace makes a great romantic getaway especially in the season of winter....... :)

Lake Palace of Udaipur city is very beautiful.... :) :) :)

Udaipur's famous Lake Palace, originally known as the Jag Niwas, is held to be among the most beautiful palaces in the world. It is also known for it's beautiful garden courtyard.

Inaugurated in 1746, the Jag Niwas took 3 years to build.

Jag Niwas
The palace gardens contain some of the rarest and most fragrant roses in the world. The palace is full to the brim with priceless miniatures, paintings, and photographs from the Maharaja's collections.

Devi Garh 

Where most heritage resorts in Rajasthan revel in their vibrant, over-the-top interiors, this one steers clear of all such frivolous ostentation. Every inch a Rajput fort, complete with towers, turrets, n battements. The interiors are another story. You are sure to be surprised but definitely soothed by the cool, neutral tones of your suite.

Small but clever flashes of brilliant colour simply underline the sophistication. Expect candlelight dinners, enjoyable treks, and a message that will remove every trace of stress from your body.

From the outside, Devi Garh, an 18th-century Rajput palace-fort, looks just like so many of the majestic edifices throughout Rajasthan. But step inside and you'll find a totally reinvented minimalist d├ęcor. In one room, a sunken marble tub sits alone in a room looking at the Aravali Hills through floor-to-ceiling glass. Each of the 39 suites is embellished with marble and semi-precious stones. The hotel has a spa and can arrange camel rides.

There are many hotels in Udaipur city....

The hot Attraction of Udaipur.....

The City Palace : 

City Palace on the bank of Lake Pichola

Front view of City Palace

The City Palace of Udaipur is the largest complex in Rajasthan. Standing on the bank of Lake Pichola.. In 1559 A.D , the construction was start. For entry in the fort, You have to cross the gate, named Hathi [elephant] Pole [gate].

Pianting of Elephant near Hathi pole
Hathi Pole

The another gate, the Bari pole brings to you in tripollia. Gate was built in 1725.  It was once a custom that the Maharaj [king] would weigh under this gate in silver or gold, which was distributed to the people. Nowadayz this spot is the place of main ticket office.

Tripollia, also mean three gate....
view from the top

The next point is Suraj Gokhada. A place from where the King would grant a public audiences mainly to boost the morale of the people in difficult times. Suraj Gokhada, you can also say Balcony on the Sun. 

Suraj Gokhada

Surya Chopar.... This square room depicts the huge symbol of Sun, which belongs to Marwar dynasty.

Surya Chopar

Suraj Chopar

Let's see.... Mor Chowk...Peacock Chowk, sounds nice na???

The Mor Chwak
This Mor Chowk was used as Dancing Hall....

 Get this name, because in this square hall, you will see work of vivid blue mosaic of Peacock on the walls.

 See here....

The main place of this Palace is now converted into a museum. For entered into museum, first you have to cross the Ganesh [Hindu Lord] Deori [ Door ] . 

Ganesh Deori

In museum, there are large collection of huge weapons, protective gear, Lethal two-pronged Sword....  [ do dhari talwar] and diverse array of artefacts.

Array of artefacts

Lethal two-pronged sword
protective gear

The Rajya Aangan... The Royal Courtyard.....

There are three Royal rooms... Manak Palac has a nice collection of glass n mirror work. 

Manak Palace
The Moti Mahal 

Moti Mahal is the room covered with amazing mirror work in diff. colours...

Pearl Palace
Sheesh Mahal as a name....it is also have mirror wirk in diff. style....

Sheesh Mahal

The rooms are fully decorated with a different kinds of beautiful paintings n mirror tiles. 

Beautifully decorated rooms

Royal Room

 In Krishna vilas you will find collection on miniature paintings. Krishna vilas was the room of princes Krishna Kumari.

Krishna Vilas
Janana Mahal is only for Ladies....

Nowadays Ladies Chamber

Janana Mahal
Laxmi Niwas Palace is an art gallery of Mewar Paintings.

Bhim Vilas has a fabulous collections of miniature paintings of RadheKrishna..... :)

Bhim Vilas

Chinni Chitrashala has Dutch n Chinise tiles work...

Chinni Chitrashala

Next is Dilkhusha Mahal...... Full of beautiful wall paintings...


Amar Vilas is the highest point in City palace along with beautiful garden...you can say hanging garden....:)

Royal Courtyard
Garden Palace
Amar Vilas -
A very nice spot in Palace... Take some rest hare...:)
Garden Palace having pool in center. also known as Rajya Aangan...hmmm in english Royal Courtyard...

Here are some beautiful views of City Palace of Udaipur....... hope you all love it....:) :)

A Hotel in Palace

a Window

a view of Lake Pichola from the Palace

a Window
next to main entrance

gate to entrance in Dilkhusha mahal

Backside of Palace
Some views from the top of the Palace.....

Must visit City Palace of Udaipur ..... once in a life......:)

Next : Jag Mandir Palace

Jag Mandir is a very beautiful Palace... an island located at Lake Pichola. This is a three storied Palace. Made from yellow sandstone and marble. It is claimed that Jag Mandir was the inspiration behind creation of Taj Mahal.

Jag Mandir was built by Maharaja Karan Singh. He built this palace for Prince Khurram { shah Jahan }to hide. During this period, Shah Jahan revolted against his father... when Maharana Karan Sing ruled the region. Maharana helped Prince Khurram, as he was born to a Rajput Mother.

Main Tourist Attraction.... The Jagdish Temple....

Location of Jagdish Temple... Inside City Palace complex...

Jagdish Temple is one of the famous temple of Udaipur, built by Maharana Jagat Singh in 1651 A.D. Dedicated to Lord Laxmi Narayan. This temple is made in Indo-Aryan style. This is the largest temple in Udaipur. The three storied temple have painting walls, carved pillars, decorative ceiling n much more..... In those time, 1.5 million spent on this temple's construction.

At main entrance, you will be welcomed by two huge stone Elephants. To reach the main shrine, you  have to climb 32 steps. Then, you will find the large brass image of Garuda [half Man, half Eagle] 

The Garuda is guarding the Lord Vishnu.
Jagdish temple at Sunrise
at night
Lord Vishnu

 The main shrine is of Lord Jagdish/ Vishnu is centrally located enriched by four small shrine that dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Sun God, Goddess Shakti and Lord Shiva.

The first and second storey of temple have 50 pillars each. This temple was built keeping in the mind the Hindu Vastushastra.

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