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Osiya is a small village. Famous for Jain temples , Sachiya Mata Temple n Camel safari in Thar Desert. It is just about 65 km away from Jodhpur. It is an important center for the oswal jain community.

The Main entrance poin of Temple.....:)

There are about 160 stairs.....:)

A pilgrimage to the Holy Temple of Shri Osiya Mataji is the holiest pilgrimage for Oswals. It is said that Osiya is the beginning place for Oswals and Shri Osiya Mataji is kuldevi (lineage goddess) of Oswals. This temple is on a mountain. Several thousand of devotees visit Osiya for darshan, mannat, etc throughout the year. Oswals come here especially to give Jat (Jay-ti or Jwar) and Mundan.

The main Darshan Point......:) The temple was known for chamatkars and therefore everybody prayed to Osiya Mata, also name as Sachchiyay Mata.

Inside there are beautiful images and sculptures of Hindu deities.

The main shrine, along with the other two temples - the Chandi Ka Mandir and the Amba Mata Mandir, was constructed around circa 1178.

View of main shrine from the back side, on terrace...:)

There are 9 small temples of NAVDURGA on the back side of main temple, on the terrace with the temple of Lord - Ganesha and Lord - RadheKrishna.

 Located at the north-end of the complex is a sculpture of Varaha (boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu). And to the east is an image of Lord Vishnu with Goddess Lakshmi. Lying to the west is a stone slab coming out of the walls, full of sculptures.
Osiya Temple
Some more pix taken from diff. directions..... :)

It is believed and said that Sachhiyay mata was devoted in the Bhakti of lord Mahavira so much so that she decided to build a temple for Lord Mahavira. Because of this Bhakti, She will be happy as long as people are devoted to Lord Mahavira. She would fulfill all prayer of her devotees.

There was a story behind the Temple of Lord Mahavira. 

The King of that town had a holy cow. A very mysterious thing started happening those days. Everyday in the evening when cow returns from the jungle, she had no milk left. The person looking after the cow asked to explain why at particular place cow carried no milk. He told that while the cow was roaming in a heightened land, the milk flowed out from her automatically in all four directions. When the milk was finished, the cow returned to the herd.
Next day, same scene was seen by thousand of people and the King.

The King told all incident to his Acharya Sriji. Acharya Sriji understood that this was the work of Mata Sanchi. Next day, at the auspicious hour, the place dig up and a deity of Lord Mahavira made up of sand was retrieved. In the digging, there were also 9 lacs gold coins found which are melted and the idol of Lord Mahavira was covered with gold. Later a temple was built.

This is that golden idol of Lord Mahavira...

As you can see the entrance to the temple complex has carvings of beautiful maidens on it.

The roof is also beautifully decorated. The terrace on which the temple stands is built up of sandstone.

The main temple was constructed around 775 A.D. And till about 15th century, the other smaller shrines were being added to the main complex.

There is a gallery around the temple.....

The main porch of the temple has beautifully ornate pillars. And the second porch, which was later added on, has more stylish construction.

How to reach there -
Osiya is an ancient town located in the Jodhpur District . It is an oasis in the Thar Desert, 65 km north of Jodhpur, on a diversion off the main Jodhpur - Bikaner Highway, NH 65.

The best way to come to Osiya is via Jodhpur. Jodhpur is well known city connected  by Air, Rail and Road from anywhere in India.. Train, Taxi, State Transport is available to get to Osiya after getting to Jodhpur.

The weather of Osiya is almost very hot. But the best time to visit between November to March. Carry light cotton cloths in summer n light winter cloths in winter. 

Both temples have its own facilities to stay. There is pure veg BhojanShala [ food hall]  too.

A lonely path way in Osiya, Thar Desert.......

 Hare Krsna

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