Festivals of Gujarat


The average Gujarati is an enthusiastic participant in over 2,000 festivals every year, but nothing brings out the best in him as do two specially cherished celebrations - The Kite festival during Uttarayan and delirious elation of Navratri.

The Kite Festival :: In Gujarat, Uttarayan is celebrated in the middle of January, and signifies the end of winter and the coming of spring. For a week, people from all walks of life, and age be damned, fly kites with abandon, creating patches of every imaginable colour in the blue skies above. Not even night can stop the Kite-flying craze. As soon as the sun sets, illuminated box Kites dot the night sky. Known as tukkals, these kites are often strung together in a line, adding to the beauty of the festivities.

Crowded on rooftops and open fields, people indulge in friendly rivalry to show off their kite - flying skills. The festival also draws kite flying enthusiasts from around the world, who bring their own distinctive kites with them and add to the vibrancy of the festival. The epicenter of kite flying during Uttarayan is definitely the capital Ahmedabad, n this is the place to be if you want to soak in the atmosphere of the festival. The city's Patang bazaar - kite market, sees brisk business as kites are bought in bulk, n the market remains open all day to satisfy the thousands who just can't get enough of the sport.

Taking a break from kite flying is equally rewarding, for waiting in the wings is a whole spread of delectable savouries and sweets.

Navratri Utsav :: In october, the streets of Ahmedabad, whole Gujarat, are filled once again with people heading out to different venues to dance the night away. The occasion is Navratri, which celebrates the victory of good over evil, and is a time of dancing as much as of worship.

Held over nine nights, Navratri celebrations in Gujarat see young men and women looking their best. The women go to great lengths to find that perfect ghagra choli, while the men fuss over their colourfull turbans n stached kurtas. In the idst of all the excitement, revellers hold on to the most important accessory during Navratri, the Dandiya - The dandiya is a more popular Navratri dance from than garba, n it is easy to see why. It celebrates community spirit n togetherness, as dancers move in a circle constantly interacting with their neighbours through the striking of the dandiya. The tempo of the dance increases with time.

The Garba, on the other hand is an equally fascinating. Although a little more complex dance. Women who participate in Garba, balanced a decorated pot on their heads n dance to the song sung by fellow women to the beat of a dholak. Although the Navratri Utsav, are spectacular all over Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Vadodra, Ambaji n Poshina are some areas where celebrations are particularly grand.

So have fun in these two most famous fest of Gujarat....


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