Delicious Cuisine of jaipur........


First of all my fav mouth watering sweet - Ghewar.

Ghewar- You can say a round maida cake, is a famous Rajasthani Sweet traditionally associated with Teej Festive. Its a round shape, made from butter, maida and Sugar Syrup. There are many varieties of Ghewar- like Mawa Ghewar, Plain Ghewar and Malai Ghevar. To Taste Ghewar, you can check out the almost any sweet shop in Jaipur in festival season. 

 Dal, Baati Churma - is Rajasthani dish which has three main servings- Dal [lentil], Baati [stuffed flour made in oven] and Churma is a sweet dish made by pounding bread with fine powdered of sugar and ghee [butter].Nowadays it is often served rolled in shavings of coconut and khoya.A full delicious lunch.

 Gajak- Its cooked in sugar syrup and set up in thin layers, is made with sesame seeds. Its a very common dry sweet in Jaipur. It is especially made during the cold , since til (sesame) helps in keeping human body warm. It is also a popular sweet for Diwali (the festival of lights).

 Must buy Ghewar, Gajak from the famous Laxmi Misthan Bhandar, better known as LMB, at Johri bazaar in Jaipur.

 And if you want to enjoy whole Jaipur at onl;y one place, must visit Choki Dhani loated on the outskirts of Jaipur. Choki Dhani is the 5 star village resort with beautifully designed huts and royal suits. spread over 10 acres, this village comes complete with painted mud-plastered pots, puppets, and much more.The food and entertainment pack a traditional Rajasthani punch too........

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